How to Make Money Online in Kerala by Staying at Home


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There are lots of ways to earn money online. Some of which are very popular. There are many benefits of working online. That’s why millions of people search on Google every day. How to Make Money Online, Now many people also search by writing the name of their country or their city. Like How to Make Money Online in India, and How to Make Money Online in Kerala.

Today we will talk about some such methods of online earning. By which millions of people are earning good money. And you too can earn good money by doing this work.

How to Make Money by Working Online at Home in Kerala?

Freelancing is a very good means of Earning Money Online. Let’s know. How can you do freelancing work? To do freelancing work, you must be an expert in any work. Something that you do very well. which other people cannot do. So that’s your skill. Which you can use for others and earn good money.

Whatever works for you. And someone wants you to do that work. So you let him do that work. In return, he gives you money for your work.

How to Make Money by Doing Freelancing Work in Kerala?

Now comes the matter. How you can earn money by doing freelancing work from home online in Kerala. And how will you get freelancing work?

To get work on freelancing you have to create your profile on a freelancing website. When you have created your profile. After that, you get a job related to your skill. Will have to bid. After placing the bid, who has to get his work done. He will have access to your profile. If he likes your profile. And he feels it. That you will do his work well. So he gives you that job. After that, your earning starts.

Which are the Freelancing Websites in Kerala?
  1. Upwork
  2. Fiverr
  3. Freelancer
  4. Pay Per Hour
  5. Guru

How to Make Money Online in Kerala by YouTube


As you know. How much time people are spending on YouTube. If you are one of them. So stop. And think about making videos on YouTube. Because you can earn a lot of money by making YouTube videos. With which all your needs can be fulfilled.

YouTube is a better way to earn money online. To earn money from YouTube, first, you have to create your YouTube channel. It doesn’t cost a single penny to make a YouTube channel. So today you should create your own YouTube channel.

Many people do not want to show their faces while making YouTube videos. If this is not the case with you. So that’s a good thing. But if you do not want to show your face in the video. So you can also make a screen recording video.

Like you are playing a game. Screen recording can be done. Your face will not even be visible in it and people like it very much. And if you have good knowledge in mobile or computer. And you think That this information may be useful to others. So you can tell people through YouTube videos. With this, your channel will touch the heights soon.

Note: Before creating a YouTube channel, think about a good channel name. And find out very well that no other channel has been made by that name. If you don’t pay attention to it. So your channel will never come upon search.

How to Make Money by Creating YouTube Channel in Kerala

  • There are some important things to make a YouTube channel. On which you should pay attention.
  1. The video you are making. Which category does he fall in? You should know this.
  2. The video you are making. is for children. Or for the elders. That is, that video is for those below 18 years. or for those above 18 years.
When Will I Get Money From YouTube Channel in Kerala

If you Want to know. How to Make Money Online in Kerala. So you must read this.

As I told you, you can earn money by making videos on YouTube. So you are not thinking like that. Today we made a YouTube channel. And will put 4 to 5 videos. And after that YouTube will start paying us. Don’t put this misconception in your mind.

If you really want to earn money online from YouTube. So YouTube has its own rules. Which you must know about.

Let’s know About some rules of YouTube.

You have to put regular videos on YouTube. And when your video will complete the time of 4000 hours. And 1000 subscribers will be completed on your channel. Then your channel can be monetized. will be ready. That is, after that, you will start getting the fruits of your deeds.

What Kind of Videos can you Upload on YouTube.
  • Vlogging
  • Online Teaching
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Promote Your Product

How to Make Money Online in Kerala by Blogging


Thousands of millions of people are making very good money from blogging. Blogging is a very good and popular way to make money online. But if you do not have any idea about blogging. Like what is blogging. And how can you make money from it?

What is the Blog?

What is a blog? You have to understand something to know this. When we want to know about something. So we searched for it on google. After searching, many results appear in front of us.

Now we like the result better. We click on it. After clicking when the next page opens. In which the answers to our questions are written. That answer or information is called a blog.

How to Earn Money Online Blogging in Kerala?

We expect. You must have got some knowledge of blogging. Let’s know. How can you do blogging? For blogging, you need to create a website. Which you can make for free on blogger itself. After creating a website for free, the content will have to be published on it.

Now you will have this question in your mind. Where will you get the content from? You have to write the content yourself. What you know more about than others. You can write it and put it on Google.

You have to write at least 30 posts on your website. And after that, you have to apply for Google AdSense. When you will get the approval of Google AdSense. So after that, you put Ads on your website. Now more people will come to your website. The more you will earn.

How to Make Money Online in Kerala by Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing 

If you want to earn money online. So you must know about Affiliate Marketing. Because by doing this work you can earn a lot of money. We are telling you all the work online. He is one of the best.

What is Affiliate Marketing? And How to do it.

What is affiliate marketing? When we help someone else sell their product online. And when any of their products are sold through us. So we get some commission on that. This whole process is called Affiliate Marketing.


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